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offers professionally crafted, engaging, and entirely captivating videos for all types of clients including authors, individuals, organizations and businesses.  Ask us about your specific needs. We have a specific expertise in creating book trailers for authors and publishers. 

What is a book trailer?
A book trailer is a 1-2 minute video about a book. Trailers are effective for both fiction and non-fiction titles.  A book trailer can visualize facts, plot, characters, locations, and/or feature the author. Some employ actors, some use still photography, captions, music, and special effects. A good trailer brings the book alive for the viewer. They are used specifically for book promotion on the www. The link on our home page will take you to some current examples of trailers we have produced.

Why do a book trailer?
We firmly believe that in today’s world, authors and publishers need a combination of traditional book publicity and serious online marketing to drive sales. A book trailer is an exciting new marketing tool to add to the mix. Upon completion we will upload your trailer onto numerous online video-sharing sites. Authors and publishers can post them on their websites.

Top ten reasons to do a book trailer:

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words; compelling images stay in the viewer’s mind, turning a browser into a buyer
  2. You can touch readers emotions, making your book an essential purchase
  3. With an online promotional campaign your video can go viral, spreading your message quickly
  4. You will increase your online presence and visibility
  5. You will improve your search engine rankings
  6. It will jazz up your website, Facebook or LinkedIn page
  7. Many have caught the attention of film scouts and producers, leading to movie deals
  8. It will make your publisher happy
  9. What better way to totally impress friends and relatives
10. Book trailers are just plain cool!

Our team of producers, writers, and musicians can create something entirely unique. We avoid the mundane, and consider each trailer a work of art. We aim for a final product that reflects the author’s tastes and sensibilities and that will drive book sales.

We can do a simple but powerful representation of your book, or we can go for a more elaborate production, offering on-site filming, actors, special effects, and an original score. Our musical directors are New York City composers active in Broadway, Off-Broadway, film scores, and national television.

We offer a competitive cost structure based on the scope of your video. We would be happy to meet you to discuss the various possibilities.