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Book festivals:

J.J. Amarowo Wilson (PM Press) at the Los Angeles Book Festival, the Brooklyn Book Festival and the Tucson Book Festival
Zygmunt Miloszewski  (Bitter Lemon Press) at the New Literature from Europe Festival, NYC 
Teresa Solana & Leonardo Padura (Bitter Lemon Press) at the 14th Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival 
Najat El-Hachmi (Serpent's Tail) in Pen World Voices Festival, NYC
Helen Mitsios (Urim Press) at the Miami International Book Festival
Warren Adler (Overlook Press) at the Brooklyn Book Festival

Book Reviews/Feature Articles:

Damnificados by J.J. Amarowo Wilson (PM Press) O Magazine

The Great and the Good by Michel Déon  (Gallic Press) Wall Street Journal

Damnificados by J.J. Amarowo Wilson (PM Press) Wall Street Journal

The Dictator's Last Night by Yasmina Khadra (Gallic) Wall Street Journal

The Sun King Conspiracy by Yves Jégo and Denis Lépée (Gallic) PW Starred Review

A Quiet Place by Seicho Matsumoto (Bitter Lemon Press) PW Starred Review

Auntie Poldi by Mario Giordano (Bitter Lemon Press) Starred Review

The Dictator's Last Night by Yasmina Khadra (Gallic) The New Yorker

The Dead of Summer by Mari Jungstedt  (Stockholm Text) New York Time Book Review - Crime Column by Marilyn Stasio

Killer's Art by Mari Jungstedt (Stockholm Text) Publishers Weekly Starred Review

Strange Bird by Anna Jansson (Stockholm Text) 
Publishers Weekly Starred Review Publishers Weekly Interview

Queen Elizabeth in the Garden by Trea Martyn (BlueBridge) New York Times Book Review

The Band That Played On by Steve Turner (Thomas Nelson) Washington Post Book World and USA Today

Karen Spears Zacharias, A Silence of Mockingbirds (MacAdam/Cage) on The Diane Rehm Show, NPR

Zygmunt Miloszewski (Bitter Lemon) interviewed by The New York Times

Sherry & Narcotics, first novel by Nina-Marie Gardner in Marie Claire

Jesus, My Father, the CIA and Me by Ian Morgan Cron in Shelf Awareness

Adelaide Mestre interviewed about her one-woman show in

Nights of Awe (Bitter Lemon) by Harri Nykaanen reviewed in:
Publishers Weekly
Library Journal

18 Voices Sing Kol Nidre, film and PBS documentary by Alan Oren featured in:
Jewish Week
Hadassah Magazine

WSJ reviews Mr. Langshaw's Square Piano (BlueBridge)

PW reviews Thursday Night Widows (Bitter Lemon Press)

Film of novel Rage (Bitter Lemon Press) was screened at the Toronto Film Festival.

Meryl Zegarek interviewed by WNBA's The Bookwoman

Library Journal features The Online Edition of the YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe

New York Times Book Review of  The Bridge of the Golden Horn (Serpent's Tail)
Nobel Prize-winning author Elfreide Jelinek is featured in the New York Times