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“We use a brilliant publicist based in New York on the Upper West Side.  She has worked for Serpent’s Tail for many years but she’s recently taken on Profile for us with terrific results.  She’s outstanding in the blog and Internet world and we’re getting good print results – which are showing in our sales – as well.  She’s efficient, impressive and organized.”
Andrew Franklin, Publisher, Profile Books, Serpent’s Tail

“If you are looking for a publicist I implore you not to choose Meryl Zegarek. On the other hand if you are looking for an advocate an impassioned reader who loves and understands books and knows how to write about them and present them to the public she is the person you need to engage.”
Francis Levy, author EROTOMANIA: A Love Story

“Meryl Zegarek is a Public Relations expert who has mastered the art of dealing with both new and old media. Her personal network is prodigious and her approach both imaginative and thorough. She will touch all the bases on behalf of her clients.”
Warren Adler, author of War of the Roses

“Meryl Zegarek is a true doyenne of the publishing world. As a small and relatively new imprint, we needed a seasoned publicist who would understand our unique needs and distinct market; Meryl and her staff are hardworking, creative professionals and they are a pleasure to work with.”
Amy Gottlieb, Editorial Director, Aviv Press

“Meryl Zegarek and her team are a joy to work with. They were one of the first to jump into the world of specialist bloggers and website reviewers, and they are equally as efficient with traditional media. In addition, as a London based publisher we keenly appreciate her New York presence and style.”
Francois von Hurter, Publisher, Bitter Lemon Press

"Meryl Zegarek has handled my book publicity for a number of years, and she has had a tremendous impact. She is a highly experienced and respected PR professional full of drive, creativity, integrity, and dedication. Meryl has a vast knowledge of every kind of media and a deep passion for books, authors, and readers--and she works relentlessly to make things happen. Simply put, she is an amazing publicist!"
Jan-Erik Guerth, Publisher, BlueBridge

“Meryl's energy and passion for our work shined through all the interactions she had with news outlets on our behalf. She is responsive to deadlines, flexible in handling unusual requests and creative in finding ways to build public relations foundation, especially for a small organization. She is a good strategist, a delight to work with and her integrity is beyond reproach, making her a valuable member of any communications team."
Robert Chase, Executive Director, Intersections International

“Meryl is dynamic, creative and gives 110% for each and every project!  She is a great partner and wonderful to work with -- she is full of ideas and brings a sense of fun and flexibility to everything she undertakes.”
Susie Kessler, Program Director, JCC in Manhattan

We were excited to engage the team at Meryl Zegarek Public Relations as the first PR agency to promote our client’s annual event at New York City’s Town Hall.  It was an easy decision, and the right one.  In addition to sharing a common vision by sympathizing with our cause and representing the degree of professional commitment we expect from our partners, the team was also excellent at media relations.  Because of their persistent and newsworthy communications, our event was a huge success, reaching capacity with the majority of guests being first time participants.
Aruna Naomi Inalsingh, President, Ani Marketing Service, LLC

"My publisher chose and hired Meryl to promote my book, Rover, Get Off Her Leg! She was wonderful! With all of her hard work she was also by my side through Book Expo America which can be daunting. She never slowed down, remained cheerful and professional throughout the experience. It was wonderful to have such a quality professional on my side. Mid-list authors don't often have that experience. I'd love to work with her again! I highly recommend Meryl Zegarek.”
Darlene Arden, author Rover, Get Off Her Leg